See how your riding stacks up with customizable WOO Leaderboards! Create your own leaderboard variation and track your progress in real time. Add #hashtags to your session descriptions to run your own challenges.


Score, Session Score, Total Score, Airtime, Total Airtime, and Number of Jumps.

Date Range

Today, Yesterday, This Month, Last Month, This Year, Last Year, All-Time, or Custom.


Continent, Country, Spot, or Worldwide.


Use your own #hashtag in your Session Description for further customization!

For Example:

Top Dog

Score + This Year + Global = The top booster from the this year's wakeboard season!

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Monthly Warriors

Global + This Month + Total Airtime = Most active riders in the world this month!

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King of the Spot

Session Score + Spot + All-Time = The top jump all-time at your local spot!

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#LocalShop Warrior

Airtime + Custom Date Range + Shop Hashtag = A boosting contest at your local shop!

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WOO Wake

more ways than ever to play!


Explore is a fun way to discover new kite spots all over the world,
and perhaps even spots nearby you never heard about.


The WOO is able to detect and score well-performed tricks!
Check the WOO Tricktionary to see which tricks the WOO can recognize.