Learn From the Best:  Coach Crathern!

WOO is all about having fun, flying through the air, and getting out to Play More. WOO and Coach Lewis Crathern want you to progress your riding so you can reach new heights! Coach Crathern breaks down jumping into 10 essentials so you can refine your skills! Each episode is fully dedicated to one of these essentials such as board control, sending the kite, body position while airborne, redirecting the kite, and landing. This series shares Coach Crathern’s secrets, so that you can jump higher and progress your riding!

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Ready to Start Practicing Coach Crathern’s Tips?

Whether you are just starting to jump or trying to push yourself to new heights WOO can help you improve!  Just clip the sensor to your board and go ride! WOO records every jump and trick so you can focus on practicing Coach Crathern’s tips.  After, save your session using the WOO Sports App for iOS and Android.  See your progression and reach new achievements everytime you ride!

  • Record your height, airtime, and landing force
  • Progress your riding with a log of your sessions and achievements
  • Share your session with your local crew and riders across the globe
  • Waterproof in the harshest conditions
  • Includes WOO USB Charger and WOO Mount
  • Sync wirelessly to your phone via Bluetooth
  • Download the free WOO Sports App for iOS or Android
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