With WOO you can really see who is going the biggest and sending the sickest tricks!

I initially thought that WOO was just for the really good riders, but it’s a great learning tool for every level. I have improved so much this year because I have tangible goals which I can set and break!

WOO helps me progress my riding, while building competitive relationships with other riders.

Get in the game!

Ride, Upload, Share
When you're back at the dock, sync up your WOO via Bluetooth with your phone and download your session report!
WOO Tricktionary
Get a high score on a specific trick variation, and try to complete the WOO tricktionary
Track Your Progression
Every jump from every session is recorded to help you track your riding over time. See your riding progress as you log new tricks, and boost your trick scores!
Check the leaderboards to see where you stand: King of your local spot? National leader on a specific trick? Or best rider in your groups of friends? Where will you claim the top-spot!?
Challenge Friends
Challenge your friends around the world to keep the competitive vibes flowing every day of the week. Follow friends and track all their session to see how they’re keeping up
Use Hashtags (#)
What gear were you riding? What obstacles did you hit? What's the name of your team? Simply add a hashtag to your session description to create a custom leaderboard!

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Includes WOO Sensor, Mount, Charger, and WOO App for iOS.

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WOO 2.0 available worldwide!